October 1998

Miracles surround girl in coma

The young girl lies silently in bed. She cannot speak and can barely move. Yet a growing number of people attribute miraculous healings to her.

Audrey Santo, a 14-year-old girl, has been in a coma and on life-support since she nearly drowned in the family swimming pool in 1987. She lives with her family in Worcester, Massachusetts, spending her days in a bedroom decorated with figures of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. A mysterious light-coloured oil drips from the statues and religious paintings. The scent of roses hovers in the air.

As word of Audrey's story has spread, increasing numbers of pilgrims come to the Santo home. Small groups take turns to crowd into a back room, where they gaze at her through a window. Devotees say she is a mystic and a "victim soul" -- one who takes on the suffering of those who ask her to intercede with God, relaying their pleas for healing.

One couple said it was through their prayers to Audrey that their son was born without the Downs Syndrome that had been diagnosed by their doctor. Another man declared that he had been cured of cancer by praying to her. A teenage girl said she had an untreatable case of hives which cleared up overnight after seeing her; the girl's doctor was stunned.

Other miraculous events have happened: the family relates that on four occasions, at Masses celebrated at the Santo home, blood appeared on
the communion wafers. It is said that Audrey occasionally develops stigmata -- the wounds of the crucified Christ -- on her body.

Attendance has risen dramatically at an annual Mass held on the anniversary of the accident that caused Audrey's condition. In 1996, several hundred people went to a nearby church. In 1997, about 4,000 came. This year a crowd of 8,000 gathered at the outdoor Holy Cross College stadium to pray for her recovery.  Audrey herself was taken onto the field in an ambulance and placed in a small house with a window, through which she could be seen.

The significance of these events, according to Mary Cornier, a spokeswoman for a local church, is that "the unseen is seen. These are signs of our faith".

(Sources: BBC News, UK; San Francisco Chronicle, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, USA; South Africa Sunday Times)
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the phenomena manifested around Audrey were created by the Master Who Was the Madonna and the Master Jesus.)

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Father Bob during MASS, Audrey watches,
reflection in the mirror
(note the bleeding Crucifix)

Deacon Sam and Father Bob

Bleeding statutes

Bleeding and secreting oil

Father Bob and Audrey

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