(Please Note:
This is a true accounting, and NOT an email.
A journal is kept in the Adoration Chapel, to record any personal thoughts or prayers by the Adorers and shared by all.
This testimony was in the journal.)

MARCH 2009

I am sharing my story in hope of preventing maybe one less baby to be killed ..... I had an abortion.
It was at least 19 years ago. I cannot recall the date. I have buried the time, but the act never forgotten. Since, I did confess my horrible deed to a priest face to face absolving me of my sin .... is this a sin that can ever be truly absolved?

Has haunted me subconsciously and consciously. My adoration story answers this question and was a true miracle. I have only shared one on one with a few when I felt the nudge from GOD. I am ready to present my story here again in hope whomever reads this will share my story and hopefully a life (lives) will be saved-not only the baby, but the mother too.

My husband is an adorer. In July of 2006 we were busy with projects, him especially. He goes to adoration late during the week and I selfishly offered to attend his hour for him ... wanting him to rest to get one of our projects completed. I had gone to Adoration for him a couple of times before but admittedly never got much out of it. So I went. I had the hour to myself. There were rows of chairs at the time in Adoration Chapel. I sat in the back row chomping on gum.

I shrugged my shoulders and said right out loud, "GOD you know who I am. I want our project done. I can't fool you". I suddenly felt that chomping my gum was very disrespectful. I pulled paper out of my purse and wrapped it up placing it back in my purse. I decided to repeat my Daily Prayers and approached the Monstrance and knelt down. I began by thanking GOD for dying on the cross for me and all, Mary enduring all she endured and just feeling unworthy ... I then witnessed a ring form on the perimeter of the Eucharist. It started to glow. There was motion as if materializing- fighting to come through. The Eucharist actually started beating.

I felt as if a beating heart. A baby's face was revealed .... my baby's face! At first just looking in wonder at me blinking his eyes. He then began to cry, His face scrunched up. He was very angry. I broke into tears telling GOD how sorry I was for giving him up. It did not stop. I kept repeating over and over how sorry I was and what did GOD want from me. My baby kept crying. Once in awhile he would stop and actually make a sucking motion then would cry again.

At one point I gathered myself beginning to question what I was seeing. I stood up went to the right of the room. I went to the left of the room. I knelt low. I tippy-toed high. The image persisted. Now knowing this was the real deal I broke down again. The whole hour was my baby crying, me crying telling GOD I was sorry and what does HE want from me. The next adorer came in. I gathered myself leaving with the image even there. I got in my car and began crying again. I shouted "LORD, GOD WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"

As clear as if I am here sharing with you I heard "YOU NEVER TOLD YOUR BABY YOU WERE SORRY" ... Of course! You can summarize the rest. ... I said I was sorry.

Except that the following week I insisted on doing my husband's hour alone. To my surprise -same scenario- the shadow ring. The materialization -my baby's face- but smiling back at me. Then I was blessed with seeing Jesus for the next six months and occasionally since. I have been a faithful Adorer ever since and would not miss a week for the world because Jesus gave me more than that. HE gave me my life. I believe with all my heart and soul that I was atoned. Truly atoned right here in this Adoration Chapel.

I can never thank dearest Betty Frank enough for starting this and all of you for keeping it going ...


Thanks for listening- hope you share if you need to.